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Not taking any new books

Hello all,

Unfortunately for the moment being, The Green Library cannot take anymore new books.

When starting the project a few months ago in December 2021, I didn't expect to have such an overwhelmingly positive response to the bookshop! After being featured in a few news articles, I ended up getting 100s of messages from people wanting to sell and donate books. While very grateful, the spaces I had for books (I keep roughly 700 books at the moment) quickly filled up faster than I could sell everything.

That is why unfortunately I had to stop taking new books in March 2022. I created an automatic email to be sent to people when they filled in the form on our selling page telling them that we are not taking books for the moment but apparently some people have had issues receiving them.

At the recent Salon de Vintage event in Auchan!

I'm currently focusing on events and selling the books we have in stock before taking new ones.

I thank you for understanding and will contact everyone again once we have more spaces but if you don't hear from me for a while, I also apologise as there's quite a lot of people to message back and spaces may fill up again quickly.

As always, news will be posted on our site and blog so keep checking back for more info regarding The Green Library.

- Irina

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