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  • Shipping and pickup locations
    Shipping: We currently only ship within Luxembourg. Shipping is based on a weight range. Pickup location: We have parterned with OUNI, the zero-waste shop, to deliver packages to their shop for a discounted price. All the proceeds from the shipping fee go to supporting OUNI's efforts. Just state your name and order number when picking up your books. OUNI Stad: 55 Rue Glesener, 1631 Luxembourg OUNI Dudelange: 14 Rue de la Libération, 3510 Dudelange Your books will be dropped off at OUNI within 3-7 days of you placing your order. We then suggest you pick up your books within 2 weeks of receiving your confirmation e-mail that your order has arrived at OUNI. International shipping: Are you in a different country and want to buy some of our books? Contact us! We're open to shipping around the world if the demand is there.
  • Where is The Green Library located?
    Online! We currently do not have the financial means to own a physcial store. I, (Irina), work by myself with help from my friends and family to run the online library. If you're interested in having The Green Library becom a physical bookshop, please follow along and help out wherever you can! In the mean time, check out our website and socials for updates on any pop ups we may have.
  • How do I donate/sell books?
    You can donate/sell books on our Sell page! Just fill out the form and contact us. We'll select the books that we feel suit our library best and you can then drop them off at our office. The sales are commission based, you receive 40% of the selling price. If you have more valuable books, the commission can however be discussed. The prices of the books can be arranged with your help but we usually discount them 30%-60% from the original price.
  • Which languages do you accept?
    We currently accept English, French, German and Luxembourgish books. As we expand however, we're open to having all sorts of language sections at our library.
  • Can I resell my books back to The Green Library after purchasing them there?
    Of course!
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