Photography by Claudia Hansen

Hi! I'm Irina, a recent graduate who's looking to make Luxembourg more sustainable.

I came up with The Green Library when searching around to buy second hand books in Luxembourg but sadly finding no simple, quick solution.  So that's when I decided to open up my own online second hand bookshop in December of 2021.

Although none of my degrees are in sustainability, I have been aware of climate change since I was very young. I believe that it is the most important issue of our time and that we can solve it if we work together.

The aim of The Green Library isn't to solely be an online webshop however. I want to bring Luxembourg second hand books in stores and local spaces - making sustainability incredibly accessible for everyone, regardless of the language they read in! So please follow along, help out where you can and hopefully together we can start the eco-revolution here in our own country!

This side project is currently only run by myself, with no investment so I apologise in advance for any delays in responses or shipping. Please keep this in mind, thank you! 

Irina R.

Irina R.

how it works

contact us via our 'Sell' page

once we reply,

send us pictures of the books you want to sell

drop off your books at our location

receive 40% of the selling price if your books are sold

pick up your books once your contract has ended or have them donated!



our books are sent in recycled mailer bags

we're a local luxembourgish business

we promote a circular economy & reduce waste